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Monday, April 24th, 2006
9:01 am
Backup characters
A few questions for the generation of backups, as I have none at our current level:

1) What level should backups be created at?
2) Is it okay to play non-evil corporeal undead with no life-draining abilities? There's a 3HD-creature called the deathlock from Libris Mortis that's basically a low-level undead spellcaster with spell-like abilities and not much else that I was thinking about.
3) Is the cerebrosis material from that one issue of Dragon about a year back that dealt with Lovecraftian magic and monsters in D&D (the one with the awful yellow cover with the illithid eating some dude's brain) okay?
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
10:47 pm
Monkey Gyatso
I never posted the revised Tenzin character sheet. And now that he is a monkey (for the foreseeable future), I though I should post his stats. That way, I have a backup if I lose the paper sheet and such. So:

Two sheets at once!Collapse )
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
12:37 pm
Rebuilding Tenzin
I've been thinking about rebuilding Tenzin as a straight Warlock. At this point, the main things I've gotten from the Monk and Eldritch Fist levels are bonuses to AC, saves, and movement. Mainly defensive abilities, which will keep getting better as Tenzin goes up in level. But in exchange, he's down two caster levels and three actual Warlock levels. Going straight Warlock would gain him Lesser Invocations (one or two, depending on the Extra Invocation feat), an additional die of Eldritch Blast damage and some minor abilities: better DR and Fast Healing. Lesser Invocations in particular would be very nice: Tenzin's been limited by only having access to the lowest level of Invocations. I'm not sure which Lesser Invocation(s) to take yet, though something like Curse of Despair could make my involvement in combat more interesting (it requires a melee touch attack) or Voracious Dispelling could eliminate problems with magical traps. I don't mind being defensively worse off, because losing Tenzin would just mean I could introduce a new character.

Which is the other option I'm considering. With Dan's character gone, we need someone to Identify magic items. So I'm considering creating and introducing some other character, likely one who could Identify our loot. This ranges from a Hexblade which would work like a melee fighter type in combat but a caster out of it to a psionic character who could therefore do the Identifying without cost to an evil character I'm working on, though he may not work out due to alignment concerns. But might be entertaining to roleplay for exactly the same reasons. My favorite backup character can't cast spells, though, so he is unlikely to be the one I introduce.

So: Amber, is it okay to rebuild my character? Anyone else: which of these plans do you favor, or do you favor keeping it the same? Or not care?
Friday, March 17th, 2006
12:25 am
Mobile Gaming Library
Okay, all...I typically haul my entire library of 3.5 WotC books with me to gaming every week, but I'm not sure that's entirely necessary. So this week, I was going to ask which specific books anyone wanted me to bring. If all of them end up being useful to someone, I'm cool with bringing them all, so don't hesitate to ask if there's one you want around. But if there are any that are extraneous, I'm just as happy leaving them at home. When we're closer to leveling up I'll bring the whole lot, of course, for purposes of getting spells, feats, and similar. Obviously, Amber, this goes as much for you as for us PCs, if you want to reference some vile spells, beef up the shadows we dispatch so readily with some undead feats, or check rules for running a a submerged cave in Stormwrack.

I will always bring the 3.5 PHB, the 3.5 Monster Manual, Oriental Adventures, and Complete Arcane, because I'm liable to reference them myself. My 3.5 DMG is on extended loan to Amber, and I know that Amber and Co. have Complete Warrior and Expanded Psionics. The rest of my collection currently includes:

  • Book of Exalted Deeds
  • Book of Vile Darkness
  • Complete Adventurer
  • Complete Divine
  • Heroes of Horror
  • Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead
  • Manual of the Planes
  • Monster Manual II
  • Planar Handbook
  • Races of the Dragon
  • Sandstorm
  • Stormwrack

I'll bring any or all of these that anyone wants to see; just let me know what you need or want to reference.

Also, FYI: I'll be gone next weekend, so if anyone wants any of my books around next week when I'm gone, let me know.
Friday, February 3rd, 2006
3:16 am
Bak de-Teskos
CN Minotaur 6
Size - Large

Age - 34
Height - 8'5"
Weight - 755 lbs

Speed - 30
Right Handed

Str 23 +8
Dex 14 +2
Con 18 +4 20 +5
Int 12 +1
Wis 12 +1
Cha 10 0

Base Attack Bonus +5
HP 65
AC 20=10+2d+5n+4a-1s

Fort +6=1+5c
Ref +6=4+2d
Will +5=4+1w


Listen +12=8+1w+3r
Search +12=8+1i+3r
Spot +12=8+1w+3r

Special Abilities/Feats
Gore 1d8+8
Gore Charge 4d6+12
Power Attack
Natural Armor +4
Natural Cunning (Can't be lost)
Scent 20ft
Natural Cunning (Track enemies)
Improved Sunder
Reach 10ft
Darkvision 60ft
Natural Cunning (Never Flat-Footed, Immune to Maze Spells)

Adamantine Greataxe (Insignia of Golden Axe tribe on blade)
Chain Shirt
Amulet of Health +2
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of Sustenance
Potion of Bull's Strength x2
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
7:55 pm
1:54 pm
The Backup Character with no name
I figured that several backups weren't posted, and that they should be, so the GM and/or others could look them over.
Backup CharacterCollapse )
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
5:53 pm
Transportational Difficulties
Hey, everyone; I heard from Adam not too long ago, who said he's not sure if he'll be able to come get me for gaming tomorrow. Mom has expressed the sentiment that she doesn't want to take me over there again due to her problems following the given directions last time. :P So I'm trying to make alternate arrangements. Does anyone know of anyone who might be somewhere in the South Hills area tomorrow early evening, or even better, be there yourself? I'm willing to arrange to meet someone at a given place. If anyone can help me with transportation, I will be immensely grateful. Please leave a message here or e-mail me or whatever if you can assist. Thanks so much!

Edit: The problem has been taken care of. Thanks so much for seeing this and responding so quickly! I appreciate it no end. :)
4:06 pm
Background on Zhu Rong, God of Fire and Tenzin's spiritual forebear
At the dawn of mankind, the August Personage of Jade divided the sky, and all that fell beneath it, between four spirits: Tetsukami Kita, the Death Spirit of the North Wind, Ao-Kuang, Thunder Dragon of the East, Xi-Wangmu, Goddess of the Heavenly Western Peach Garden, and Zhu-Rong, Southern God of Fire.

Each of these deities had performed amazing deeds to be granted such dominion. Xi-Wangmu had bred peaches in her garden that would grant immortality to anyone who ate of them. Ao-Kuang had raised up a mountain range from which the August Personage of Jade could sit and watch his domain. Kita had created death, to keep any mortals from challenging the position of the gods. Zhu Rong had wrestled Gong-gong the black dragon, who had challenged the might and authority of the Augut Personage. Each of these deities were granted tremendous power over their domains, but were prohibited from fraternization with mortal and from teaching them the mystic secrets known only to the inhabitants of Heaven.

Not long after the world had been so divided, Ao-Kuang reported to the August Personage of Jade that Tetsukami Kita had fathered a son, Haka, by laying down with a human warrior woman. Worse, he had been giving secret teachings to blood sorcery to his child.

The August Personage of Jade is both wise and fair, so he demanded these claims be verified before any punishment be meted out. He sent Xi-Wangmu to visit the lands of Tetsukami Kita and learn the truth. She went to visit Tetsukami Kita, to find that his half human child could kill animals with a touch. When she went to return to the palace of the Celestial Emperor, Tetsukami Kita imprisoned her, and attempted to extort out of her the fruit of her Garden of Immortality, to give unto his unholy son. Through the help a small bird, Xi-Wangmu was able to get a message to Ao-Kuang, who battled bravely to free her from Tetsukami Kita's clutches.

With Tetsukami Kita's treachery now exposed, the August Personage of Jade appointed Zhu Rong to the newly created post of Heavenly Executioner, and sent him to stop Tetsukami Kita's wrongdoing. Zhu Rong travelled to Kita's lands, and the two fought in a tremendous battle. For many days, fire destroyed the northern lands, and icy winds and undead hordes attempted to drive Zhu Rong back. After watching Kita sacrifice the mortal inhabitants of the northern lands, Zhu rong became enraged, and his rage shook the northern sky and melted glaciers. (His rage was so great that it knocked the Pole Star out of the center of the sky to where it sits now in the northen sky.) The tribe of Haka Maho-Tsukai were forced to flee the flames and fury to hide in the Endless Grotto. This is why the cavern spirit folk fear the fire, and why it burns them so much more badly than it does others. Zhu Rong seeks his vengeanc wherever he can find it.

Finally, Zhu Rong fought Kita in single battle. To kill the spirit of death requires great effort, and only comes at great cost. Though he defeated Tetsukami Kita, Zhu Rong himself suffered a mortal blow from Kita's death touch. Xi-Wangmu tried to save Rong by feeding him one of the Peaches of immortality, but even its power was insufficient to stop the ravages of Tetsukami Kita's touch.

The August Personage of Jade is both wise and merciful, however. Through his power, the peach did have some effect. Zhu Rong will be reincarnated over and over again until he has proven his moral, spiritual and physical strength by overcoming great hardship. At that time, the August Personage will readmit Zhu Rong into Heaven and reinstate him as God of Fire and Heavenly Executioner. But the rage of Zhu Rong still flows forth, endangering him morally and spiritually. Unless he can contain his own rage, he may never be able to attain the purity to return to the River of Stars.

After the battle, Ao Kuang made sure to tell these prophecies to a small band of mystics living within his mountain range. These monks have preserved this story for more than thirty generations, and have been continually seeking out the potential reincarnations of Zhu Rong, in hope that they might guide the child back on the path toward Heaven.
Friday, December 16th, 2005
2:31 pm
Kozuma's Spirit Patrons, Part 1: Haka Maho-Tsukai Endless Grotto, the Blood Sorcerer
Like all shamans among his people, Kozuma Endless Grotto did not choose his profession; he was chosen by the spirits to receive their blessings from birth, and gifted with the ability to hear their voices. Kozuma was fostered by the elder shamans of his tribe, and grew up hearing many spirits...animal spirits, spirits of the caves and underground pools and winter storms, ancestors, past shamans, fey, and even elementals and demons...whispering in his ears, promising him power in exchange for his service. All prospective shamans who pass the rites of initiation choose a spirit during their vision quest, and another spirit chooses them. Although Kozuma, like all with his gifts, heard the voices of many spirits, there was no doubt which would choose him. It was the first spirit to speak to him, and one whose name made the elder shamans of the tribe tremble when Kozuma told them whose voice he had heard: Haka Maho-Tsukai Endless Grotto, his ancestor and the progenitor of his line, widely regarded as the most powerful, dangerous, and wicked blood sorcerer in the tribe's history.

Born more than thiry generations ago, Haka had much stronger spirit blood than any of the modern spirit folk in Kozuma's tribe: he was half spirit, the son of a human warrior maiden and Tetsukami Kita, the Death Spirit of the Noth Wind. Even as a child, Haka was said to leave chill air in his wake and to be able to kill small animals with a touch. As he grew older, sorcerous power manifested, and he quickly rose to a position of great power within the tribe. Under his guidance, the tribe moved into deep ice caves that none had dared to penetrate before, and discovered rich resources of crystals and gems. Haka is said to have slain the great beasts of the caves, subjugated the native spirits of the deep places, and given their females as wives to the warriors of his tribe; in this way, he was responsible for the cavern spirit folk linage among Kozuma's people that he carries in his veins still. The spirit-wives of the tribe taught them the art of drawing the heat of the earth from the stones, allowing them to live without fire, an art much prized by Haka, whose greatest enemies were the Spirits of Flame and Thunder, dread beings whose reivalry with his demonic father spanned generations. Haka banned the shamans of his people from practicing the magic of fire, and to this day the tribe uses as little flame as they can, primarily for religious ritual and the brewing of teas and medicines.

For all his accomplishments, Haka is remembered by the tribe as much for his wickedness as his leadership. He took five wives, and all lived in fear of his anger; four he killed for crimes that ranged from failure to produce heirs to seeking comfort in the arms of other men to breaking his favorite rice bowl. He watched over the shamans closely, making certain that they never advised anyone to act against his wishes, and forced them to traffic with dark spirits that would bring the tribe great and evil power in exchange for terrible sacrifices. As his power grew, his Touch of Death became the bane of all who would oppose him; it was said that, by the end of his life, even his breath could kill if he so wished it. The tribe prospered under his guidance, but all feared the wrath of the dark sorcerer who even the chieftans bowed before.

Ultimately, it was Haka's own lust for power that destroyed him. Unsatisfied with the dark magic of his heritage, he turned to the study of maho, or blood sorcery, an art long forbidden among his people. With it his mastery of life and death grew to unprecedented heights, but still he craved more. When some of the shamans spoke out against his dark arts, he slew them and bound their bodies and spirits as undead to serve as his bodyguards and as a warning to those that remained. The dark spirits whispered to Haka of more powerful magic yet, magic that would allow him to transcend flesh and become a spirit himself, buried deep in the earth. Haka journeyed to the deepest part of the ice caves and began to dig, seeking to bore a hole into the very heart of the world itself and drink of the life-blood of the earth, that he might gain spiritual immortality and power enough to rule both the caverns and the heavens. It is from this dark well, a place now spoken of fearfully by Kozuma's people and visited only by the tribe's shamans when communion with the darkness is their only choice, that the name Endless Grotto derives. For ten years he dug deeper than any had before, striking down those who warned him against his hubris, ignoring dreams that foretold disaster. At last, his great pit broke into a cavern pulsing with red light, which Haka first mistook for the blood of the world...until the waves of heat hit him. Liquid fire, a sight unseen by any before or since, fountained from the depths, and the master of life and death, who had forbidden the magic of fire, was consumed by it. The Spirits of Flame and Thunder, long watching as Haka closed on their hidden domain, had their vengeance on Tetsukami Kita through his son, and the spirit folk were free of his terror at last. The surviving shamans enlisted the good cavern spirits to seal off the flow of liquid flame, and pronounced bans on Haka's name that would keep his soul from returning to the world of men.

It is this spirit, Kozuma's feared and cursed ancestor, who chose Kozuma as his intermediary in the world. The shamans of the tribe knew they could not countermand the choices of the spirits, and while Haka could not touch the world directly, he could work through the blood of his descendants, many of whom had become shamans over the generations, but none of whom had previously heard Haka's voice. Haka imbued Kozuma with a portion of his terrible power, a weakened form of his own Touch of Death and command over the magic of the grave. The dark sorcerer's spirit teaches Kozuma of evil magic and maho, urging him to tap into the powers of darkness until he matches Haka in power; in all probability, the blood sorcerer hopes that Kozuma will one day be mighty enough to liberate him from the bindings that bar his soul from returning to the world.

Kozuma has felt the stirrings of ambition and the urge to greatness and power that his ancestor instilled in him from a young age. He has learned much from Haka, and the Touch of Death and power to speak to those from beyond the grave has served him well. Haka is well pleased that Kozuma has entered a demon prison, and hopes he will learn from the evil trapped within. However, Kozuma understand that the dark magic of Haka was his undoing, and the shamans of his tribe, well aware of what Haka's influence might lead to, ensured that Kozuma was equally tutored in the ways of lightness and good. Understanding the need to balance the inescapalble evil of his heritage and the influence of Haka, Kozuma defied his ancestor's suggestions to chose a demonic patron, and emerged from his vision quest with a pact of service to a much more lighthearted entity: Kitsune, the Merry Fox. Thus, he has balanced the terrible power of the blood sorcerer with the levity of a trickster, and managed to straddle the fine line between light and darkness in his soul.

Next in Part 2: Kitsune, the Merry Fox, Trickster Spirit of Luck and Laughter
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:22 pm
Cade tells it like it is
Cade Thornpuller here, you lucky dogs. I'm going to give you the real scoop on dungeon life, straight from the sorceror's mouth.

So when last we met, the barghasts went running, courtesy of a few devastating spells from yours truly. (The others may have helped a bit.) My main hob Grommin shows up with the last staff, we returned it to the celestials, yadda-yadda...

But it turns out that an adventurer's works is never done. Kozuma was all like, "Oh, we have to get the Inevitables back together with the Celestials so they can all be one big evil-stopping family again." (I may be paraphrasing slightly.) Well, I was down with that. The Cadester loves the families! (Just as long as it's not my family.)

Now I'm all ready to go, but noooo, first we have to consult and plan and all that. So we go talk to this celestial who can turn into a whirlwind (so I hear), and he's all like, Kill, Crush, Destroy, Smash the inevitables, wouldn't that be fun?

No, Whirly-McWhirl, not fun.

So we wait for the Celestial with the big hammer and giver her our pitch instead. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. If we were just going to go from one to another until we got the answer we wanted, why bother asking? Ah well, all turned out okay because we got the go-ahead. Even a plan! Going to get the big 'bargains-keeper' over there, T'Coras to look at the Charter and... somehow... that will fix things. I kinda stopped paying attention during the explanation, but I was sure my man Kozuma knew what he was doing.

So, tromp, tromp, tromp over there. Yeah, after the Barghast butt-kicking we the big dogs around this section. No one messes with us.

On the way we meet this other Hob, Ackerson. He's the Inevitables' butler or something. Twitchy guy, but friendly enough I guess. He takes us the rest of the way to T'Coras, who is a little upset about the group letting some prisoners go. (Before my time, but all for one and one for all, baby.)

So Kozuma starts talking to T'Coras. And talking and talking and talking..... ZZZZZZZ. Wha- Oh, sorry, I think I nodded off again just remembering it. So T'Coras treks off with Amaya to go see the Charter, and I guess things went okay there.

Meanwhile, I challenge my man Saar to describe an illusion that I can't create. (Got to get my Minor Image practice on.) He's all like smartass, asking for a 20 foot goblin in a room with ceilings 15 feet high. But I show him and just create an illusion of the lower half. Sans pants. Yeah, take that, Saar!

Anyway, Amaya and the Inevitable come back and now everything's cool. They tell Ackerson he can go. They let the Bhargasts go. It's all great, I guess.

Oh, Forgot! The egg-sac holding my little spider familiar-to-be pulsed today when I was talking to it. I think it knows my voice! I got to con Amaya into catching a rat for me so I have something to feed little.... Thumper? when he hatches. Hmmm, must consider name thing further.

We head down to region A, then over to Region B on our way to see a bunch of gnolls and giants with three arms about a key. Apparently. (I may have gotten a little distracted when Kozuma was giving the briefing.)

On the way, we pass through this room piled deep in bones and body parts that feels creepy-evil and horrible. Naturally, this is the room my pals want to stop and poke around in. There four warded doors we have to get open and there are ghasts and wights and varghouls and... and... eh, I don't want to talk about it. For some reason, Amaya has to be the one to stand there and get jumped when we open the doors. Couldn't she unlock them and them let somebody with, you know, better armor open them? Just a thought. (Which might get Amaya chewed on a little less.)

Finally we find the section we're looking for and set off to explore. Flying without a map, Woo-Hoo! We decide to go south because dog-men sound a lot easier to deal with than giants. (Especially to me. I come to about the ankle on a giant. The ankle!)

First we find a room that has "trap" written on it. It turns out to be a trap! (Who woulda thunk. I for sure thought the writing on the wall was a bluff, but I guess it was a trap-trap. You know.) I throw the evil flail we picked up into the flames, so that's that gone. Oh, and RYn saved Kozuma's life, but that's not news.

Then in the room across the way, Ryn sets off another trap and nearly dies. Well, he looks mildly uncomfortable anyway, and those with Spellcraft assure me it could have killed him. (I'm not picking that sucky Phantasmal Killer when _I_ get 4th level spells. Not after that showing.)

The important part though, is he finds these dice made out of knucklebones. I'm all like, let me roll them, I'm great at gambling! And they're like, you are? (They don't have to look so surprised.) I'm a great Bluffer, I tell them.

So then they point out that you don't bluff in dice.

All right, so I'm more of a cards man. I'll roll those dice yet, see if I don't! And Kozuma pockets the dice. (I let him have it, because he still looks so shaky from the fire trap.)

Then we find a long trail of blood. Nice. In a room off to the side, there's this goblin who's totally meek. And then...

Oooh, so ticked off here. Ryn calls this goblin "poor little guy". Little! He's a fully inch taller than me. So I tell him off, but I feel bad because Ryn's a cool guy who means well.

It's not his fault he's so ridiculously over-sized.

The goblin briefs us on the immediate area. We're real close to gnoll territory, and we're also near where an undead who killed some gnolls is. Solution! We'll go kill the undead and then bring the undead's head to the gnolls as a peace offering.

Ain't diplomacy grand?

And if that doesn't work, I've got a fireball just itching to go.

Ooops, Kozuma is sending the goblin on his way. I gotta pass the little guy this note before he goes.

Because you, Mr. Goblin King, totally need to hear how much we rock. Everybody should.
2:09 am
A day in a life
Now that we've gotten all of the ward staves back into the hands of those that can use them, we desided that we should move on. Before doing so, made an attempt at opening lines of communication between the Celestials and the Inevitables. We weren't sure of how the Inevitables would treat us, since we let their "redeemed" go, so we went in under a flag of truce in the name of the garrison. We were met by their pet hobgoblin, Ackersan. We told him of our intent to meet with their acting leader, Tekarus, so he took us to him. He was not happy to see us, as we would assume but hoped the flag of truce would keep him from destroying us outright, but we expected that. We talked with him for a bit, being proper diplomats and skirting the issue until we requested we get to the point.

The point was that they were not upholding the garrison's charter to its letter by capturing wandering monsters and trying to redeem them, when in fact what I saw was brainwashing. He tried to convince us that they were in fact upholding the letter of the charter by using their redeeming process as an example of such, which did actually remove some of the opposing forces from their own goals and getting them to work for the garrison.

We requested him to come to the charter and go over it himself, he was reluctent to do so saying accusing us of wanting to get him alone to destroy him. After we assured him that we were not attempting to destroy him, which we showed a sign of good faith by offering that all but one of us stay behind while he did go over the charter. He selected Amaya to join him to the charter room, which she did go with him. After they got back to where we were waiting, Amaya told us what all happened while they were there.

Apparently, upon him touching the charter itself, some kind of shock went through his body. He made a request that she come back to us while he pondered on the matter at hand. After about half an hour, he came out to meet her in the next room, as she didn't really fancy the idea of traveling back to the group by herself. When they did get back, he told us that he realized the error of his ways. He told us that if we saw Ackersan on our way out, to tell him that he's free to go as soon as he wished and that he was to also to tell the two barghests they had the same. As I recall, the three of them thanked us before we parted ways. We asked him if he wanted us to give the Celestials a message, and told us to inform them that they'd hear from the Inevitables within the next day or two. We left to go inform the Celestials of what had just happened, which they were a little hesitant to believe until we told them of the change in the garrison tree in the Inevitables main hall. After hearing this, they were a little more receptive to the information.

With all our work here done, we desided to be on our way. We made the desision to go find the key we were in need of from some time ago. We went east of where we had our run in with the Holy Goblin Empire, where we met with a very nice aberation who was on the lookout for "shineys" as he called them, being coin.

We found a rather unsettling room again, the room where we once met and bested a handfull of evil undead paladins. We made the choice to go through the four side chambers off of it. All four of the doors were marked with magic wards that would blow up on us if we didn't disarm them first. Kozuma successfully dispelled one of the wards. When we got into the room, we found a set of magic splintmail in a hole in the floor covered by a loose stone. In the second room we found two wights, and we found a morningstar under a loose stone in the floor which had some kind of unsettling enchantments on it, which was disposed of in a burning room. In the third room we found a ghast, who tried to make a meal out of our Amaya. When it was dispatched, we searched the room and found nothing. The forth room was a bit more unsettling than the others. When we finally opened the door, which set off the ward because it was unsuccessfully disabled, we found four vargouille nailed to the wall. They were successfully dispatched at range, since there was no need to approach them. That one was by far the most unsettling room we encountered on that day.

After resting up we headed back on our way. We didn't run into our friend today, but I expect to in the future. We encountered a rather peculiar trapped room. It was rather greased all over the floor, and the walls were also rather chared as well. When Kozuma tried to prod at the floor with his staff, the trap was sprung. It realeased a burning hands spell in the direction of the door, which got him (and I'm sure he's still not happy about), but the grease-like substance on the floor was in fact oil. The whole room was set ablaze, which is the room that the nasty morningstar was tossed into. On the other side of the hallway, we found a room with two very dead individuals, one a gnoll and the other a goblin. Ryn went in to inspect the two bodies, and was subject to a rather nasty trap. The trap in question was a phantasmal killer spell. Luckily, this didn't get him. He was able to disbelieve it, so no harm was done.

After making our way through a few more rooms and halls, we ran into a member of the Holy Goblin Empire. He told us that there was some kind of undead in the area that was being a menace to the gnolls that live in the area. I'm inclined to think that if we can gain their trust by bringing them the former menace to them, they'll be more willing to help us in our goals. But then again, if we go strait to the gnolls, we can always use destroying this thing as a bargaining chip to help us get in with them. I'll need to discuss this with everyone else to see what they think would be the best course of action.

Kozuma sent this goblin back to his home, with a message that the once and new king was to let him stay there. He was apparently out this way gathering information for the doppleganger that was at one point acting as king.

I shall return to you with more of our happenings when there is more to tell.
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
12:58 am
Previously on the World's Largest Dungeon...
The session began with the party healing immediately after fighting off a horde of shadow mastiffs (previous session). Thereafter, the roup explored the complex the mastiffs had been using as a lair, finding a body trapped in gears (with some magic item on it, though i never heard what exactly), a room with permanent daylight, a very noisy room, some sleeping mastiffs which were quickly dispatched and a few healing fountains.

Fatigued from the earlier battle, the party decided to return north to rest up in celestial territory, stopping on the way to investigate a room with an acidic pit in it. Heading south once again, the party fought several giant spiders, which were significantly less frightening than many expected. Cade acquired a spider familiar, much to the distress of arachnophobic party members. Giant centipedes were dispatched even quicker than the giant spiders.

The party dealt with a magically trapped door just beyond the centipedes, accidentally setting off the traps. The party voyaged further south, finding a secret door, again trapped. This door was disarmed through careful examination and some logical deduction. Thereafter, we found a magical archway, which was again trapped, though in this case magically trapped to punish thos not working for the Garrison. We therefore passed through unharmed, to find a room that contained artifacts that boosted scrying power. This led to some discussion concerning scrying to find the missing Ward Staves, but it was eventually decided against, as we had a very good idea where the other staves were. Just down the hallway was the stave, as predicted.

Thus we returned north to return the stave to the celestials. Some bargaining with them and, I believe, the goblin wizard nearby, happened wherein Cade and Tenzin received some artifacts (an amulet for Cade, a small statue for Tenzin) from the celestials. The purpose of these is as yet unknown.

The only remaining thing to do in this section of the dungeon was return the final ward stave, so the party prepared for barghest hunting. A plan slowly formed, whereby the spellcasters would pile invisiblity spells on Gramman, the fastest and sneakiest party member. He would run through barghest territory to grabt he stave, while the rest of the party distracted the braghests and held the door for Gramman's escape.

Thus ensued an epic battle, wherein the party operated like a well oiled machine. Though Gramman was smelled by a passing barghest, his invisibility and good Move silently rolls kept him from being located. Meanwhile, the party stuck closely to a strict formation which worked very well. The spellcasters were surrounded by more combat ready characters, thus protecting them from direct melee attacks. Many barghests died from a Whirlwind Attacking Enlarged Morgan, and many other PCs did significant damage to lots of barghests (Tenzin did a large amount of damage thanks to a wand of inflict critical wounds). The barghests were significantly less of a challenge, as the average party level is twice what it was before, plus the party is twice the size it was when last we fought barghests, plus effective tactics and teamwork.

The question now, then, is where we go from here. This section is basically finished, plotwise, so where would we like to explore? (We could, potentially, retrieve the other stave or finish wiping out the barghests, if either course of action interests anyone.)
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
3:52 pm
Hey, did I leave my PHB over there the other day? It's the one bristling with torn Post-it notes. If so, could someone bring it over when you come for gaming tomorrow?
Monday, November 28th, 2005
10:38 am
Okay, mini-wrap up for last night before *I* forget what we did and where we did it. My apologies for room references, however I'm not about to try and recreate the map in ASCII. *g*

We decided to head south to search for the last missing Ward Stave (with one still "safe" in Barghast territory.) The Celestials warned us that the area is controlled by Shadow Mastiffs who are attempting to build a power base to break out of the region, and that large insectoid creatures are also in the area, possibly aligned with the Mastiffs. We ask the Celestials to post some guards to cover our retreat (if necessary) along the most direct (southern) route from Celestial to Barghast territory and then head along the forested region to enter Shadow Mastiff territory from the east.

The first notable room (E88) we find is a "garbage disposal" where the Goblin Wizard throws stuff away by casting burning hands or the like on it. Edgar (his familiar/pet spider) is there watching us, and the goblin appears shortly thereafter to claim most every room in the dungeon as his. We convince him that he doesn't want the rooms controlled by Mastiffs and he lets us out into their territory. Retreat this way suddenly seems less likely.

We form up in the next room before opening the next door to find a small maze formed by huge pillars, with swirling mist filled with monstrous spiders, scorpions & beetles. After a quick discussion as to whether or not to check out the webbed room (E88) to the SE (a group of rooms accessible to the south including E91, or access to the secret door (E2) that the Shadow Mastiffs have yet to find to the SW never discussed), we headed due west (passages to the north all leading to eventual dead ends) to continue with the plan to do a quick pass to thin numbers & regroup with the Celestials before returning.

The next room (E92) had a dead Trumpet Archon and some not so dead bugs. We determined the Archon's horn & spear were magical and I believe grabbed them before heading out. We exited to the north to have as few cross passages to deal with as possible in the next (unlabeled) set of corridors. However, we still managed to find a spear trap (Gramman looks good as a pin cushion) only to do a single round of healing and find ourselves facing 4 Shadow Mastiffs. Everyone made their rolls against the Bay attack except Tenzyn, who was hit with a Calm Emotions spell before he could run screaming like a girl, and melee ensued. 3 mastiffs went down quickly, but the 4th retreated at a speed nothing in the party could match. Pursuit by Saar Thri's construct revealed an anti-magic field to the south.

North lead to regroup and resupply from the Celestials, but feeling good about taking out the first 3 Shadow Mastiffs so quickly, all commentary NOT in favor of immediate pursuit was quickly shouted down and the party made ready to do battle without the benefit of spells & enchanted items. Turns out the anti-magic field was a fairly small area, but nobody who had switched weapons thought to switch back. (Note to self: Next time, keep the bow out!)

The first room (E99) we came to had magic darkness in it cutting out renewed Daylight spell to a fairly short radius. Tully lobbed in a fireball and sounds are reduced to yelping and retreating mastiffs. Upon entering and the briefest of searches, the room appears filled with (now charred) bedding and a door to the West. We enter that room (E98) which has some sort of clockwork mechanism on the ceiling including a dead body radiating magic caught in the gears. The dogs have retreated to the south (E97) (with reinforcements coming from the East (E93)) and initiative allows Mahon to charge in to attack, and promptly (a) get tripped and (b) surrounded and thereby cut off from the rest of the party.

During the rescue attempt, Kozuma sends in his dog which promptly also gets tripped and slowly gets the stuffing chewed out of it. (More damage than the rest of the party combined, I believe!) Several well placed fireballs by Tully and an enlarged Gramman with his quarter staff finally clear enough of an exit to allow Mahon to retreat, dropping his longsword (ordinary) & shield (masterwork, heavy, spiked) in the process to draw his bow because back in the "main room" (E98), Alpha Male & Bitch have shown up, tripped 2 characters, and were proceeding to chew on them.

All the Mastiffs get killed off as the party gasps for breath and scene fades to black.

--- === ---

After healing, we need to decide how to proceed. Continue deeper, or retreat, regroup & return?

None of the rooms have been thoroughly searched. Many branching corridors have not been entered. Whole rooms & room complexes have not been entered. At least one of our "spell" casters is getting low on power points.

Do we want to do a quick reconnoiter of the remaining 5 rooms (four labeled E93-96) and the previously ignored branch of E92 (Trumpet Archon room) before returning to heal & regroup?

Do we want to take the time to do a more thorough search of the Shadow Mastiff and/or Insect rooms before returning?

Or do we want to return now, and come back to continue exploration when we're better rested?

Note: There is also a spread out group of rooms, including those labeled E100-105, near Celestial territory that I don't believe have ever been explored properly, but I'm uncertain as to this last point.
Monday, November 14th, 2005
10:26 pm
These are the potions that we found in the last session plus a few that people added from their own personal stock.

11 cure light
4 endure elements
1 jump
2 mage armor
4 oils magic weapon
4 protection from evil
6 remove fear
3 shield of faith +2
3 oils bless weapon
2 aid
1 bears endurance
1 bulls strenth
2 cat's grace
3 cure moderate
1 delay poison
1 eagles splendor
1 owls wisdom
2 lesser restoration
1 remove paralasis
1 heroism
2 cure critical
1 levitate

Who wants what?
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
6:14 pm
300 Things No Longer Allowed During RPGs
The list is hilarious, but rather than transcribe the whole thing here, I'll include it by reference instead.

Put down your soda/coffee first!

Current Mood: amused
5:00 am
*** UPDATED ***

Mahon de Danu
Wood Elf
Rogue 1/ Fighter 2/ Ranger 2/ Elven Paragon 1
-- Using rules for Martial Rogue (UA pg 58): Lose sneak attack, gain Bonus Feat per Fighter
Alignment: NG

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 LBS
Age: 131
Dominant Hand: Right

Str: 16 +3
Dex: 18 +4
Con: 14 +2
Int: 16 +3
Wis: 13 +1
Cha: 9 -1

Base Attack Bonus: +5-1/2 (Fractional Base Bonuses per UA, pg 73)

Fort: +6-2/3
Ref: +9
Will: +3

HP: 55
AC: 21
Speed: 30 (even in armor)

Initiative Modifier: +8

Languages Known

Skills: (Total modifier)
Appraise: +3
Balance: +4
Climb: +8*
Concentration: +3
Craft(Bow making): +5*
Disable Device: +11
Escape Artist: +4
Forgery: +3
Heal: +1
Hide: +14**
Jump: +3
Knowledge(Religion): +5
Listen: +9**#
Move Silently: +15**#
Open Lock: +11
Ride: +4
Search: +10
Sense Motive: +1
Spot: +9**#
Survival: +4**#
Swim: +3
Use Rope: +9

* = 1 Rank in Item Familiar (see UA, pgs 170-174)
**= 2 Ranks in Item Familiar
# = +1 Bonus from Item Familiar

Feats/Special Abilities
Stealthy (CL1)
Dodge (Rogue Bonus Feat)
Point Blank Shot (Fighter Bonus Feat)
Improved Toughness (CL3)
Precise Shot (Fighter Bonus Feat)
Rapid Shot (Ranger fighting style)
Improved Initiative (CL6)

Mighty(+3) Undead Bane Composite Longbow +1 (Item Familiar)
Style: generates own ammo, glowing bolts of energy otherwise identical in all effects to standard arrows.
Mithral Chain Shirt +1
Explorer's outfit
Caltrops 10
Chalk, 5 pieces
Flint and steel
Rope, silk (50 ft.)
Sack (empty x5)
Artisan's tools, masterwork
Climber's kit
Thieves' tools, masterwork
Potion of Cure light wounds (x2)

Cash on hand: 0 gp
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
10:52 pm
So I swore up and down that we wouldn't play again until Nick got a job. Guess who's working for Carlow College? Sooooo...

The World's Largest Dungeon is resuming on November 13th!!!

A few notes:

1. Because of the large gap in time, all accumulated NPCs will be assumed to have wandered off and/or become otherwise occupied with dungeon life.

2. Now is a great time to bring in a new character or otherwise alter your current character. At the restart, everyone will be at a baseline of 6th level.

3. If anyone knows any new players that might want to jump in, now is a perfect time to do so. Similarly, if anyone feels they no longer are interested in playing, now is a good time to bow out.

4. We have moved since the last time we played. The new address is: 2016 South 18th Street. I can provide directions; MapQuest will only get you most of the way here, the last two turns need to be explained.

5. Questions, comments, etc.? Email them my direction!

I hope to see all of you on the 13th!
Monday, July 11th, 2005
4:09 pm
WLD has been postponed indefinitely, contingent on Nick finding a job or our financial situation otherwise improving greatly.
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