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Background on Zhu Rong, God of Fire and Tenzin's spiritual forebear

At the dawn of mankind, the August Personage of Jade divided the sky, and all that fell beneath it, between four spirits: Tetsukami Kita, the Death Spirit of the North Wind, Ao-Kuang, Thunder Dragon of the East, Xi-Wangmu, Goddess of the Heavenly Western Peach Garden, and Zhu-Rong, Southern God of Fire.

Each of these deities had performed amazing deeds to be granted such dominion. Xi-Wangmu had bred peaches in her garden that would grant immortality to anyone who ate of them. Ao-Kuang had raised up a mountain range from which the August Personage of Jade could sit and watch his domain. Kita had created death, to keep any mortals from challenging the position of the gods. Zhu Rong had wrestled Gong-gong the black dragon, who had challenged the might and authority of the Augut Personage. Each of these deities were granted tremendous power over their domains, but were prohibited from fraternization with mortal and from teaching them the mystic secrets known only to the inhabitants of Heaven.

Not long after the world had been so divided, Ao-Kuang reported to the August Personage of Jade that Tetsukami Kita had fathered a son, Haka, by laying down with a human warrior woman. Worse, he had been giving secret teachings to blood sorcery to his child.

The August Personage of Jade is both wise and fair, so he demanded these claims be verified before any punishment be meted out. He sent Xi-Wangmu to visit the lands of Tetsukami Kita and learn the truth. She went to visit Tetsukami Kita, to find that his half human child could kill animals with a touch. When she went to return to the palace of the Celestial Emperor, Tetsukami Kita imprisoned her, and attempted to extort out of her the fruit of her Garden of Immortality, to give unto his unholy son. Through the help a small bird, Xi-Wangmu was able to get a message to Ao-Kuang, who battled bravely to free her from Tetsukami Kita's clutches.

With Tetsukami Kita's treachery now exposed, the August Personage of Jade appointed Zhu Rong to the newly created post of Heavenly Executioner, and sent him to stop Tetsukami Kita's wrongdoing. Zhu Rong travelled to Kita's lands, and the two fought in a tremendous battle. For many days, fire destroyed the northern lands, and icy winds and undead hordes attempted to drive Zhu Rong back. After watching Kita sacrifice the mortal inhabitants of the northern lands, Zhu rong became enraged, and his rage shook the northern sky and melted glaciers. (His rage was so great that it knocked the Pole Star out of the center of the sky to where it sits now in the northen sky.) The tribe of Haka Maho-Tsukai were forced to flee the flames and fury to hide in the Endless Grotto. This is why the cavern spirit folk fear the fire, and why it burns them so much more badly than it does others. Zhu Rong seeks his vengeanc wherever he can find it.

Finally, Zhu Rong fought Kita in single battle. To kill the spirit of death requires great effort, and only comes at great cost. Though he defeated Tetsukami Kita, Zhu Rong himself suffered a mortal blow from Kita's death touch. Xi-Wangmu tried to save Rong by feeding him one of the Peaches of immortality, but even its power was insufficient to stop the ravages of Tetsukami Kita's touch.

The August Personage of Jade is both wise and merciful, however. Through his power, the peach did have some effect. Zhu Rong will be reincarnated over and over again until he has proven his moral, spiritual and physical strength by overcoming great hardship. At that time, the August Personage will readmit Zhu Rong into Heaven and reinstate him as God of Fire and Heavenly Executioner. But the rage of Zhu Rong still flows forth, endangering him morally and spiritually. Unless he can contain his own rage, he may never be able to attain the purity to return to the River of Stars.

After the battle, Ao Kuang made sure to tell these prophecies to a small band of mystics living within his mountain range. These monks have preserved this story for more than thirty generations, and have been continually seeking out the potential reincarnations of Zhu Rong, in hope that they might guide the child back on the path toward Heaven.
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