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Zoq Fot Pik

Zoq Fot Pik

Synad (Dragon #314)

5th level Akashic
1st level Archivist
1st level Psion

STR: 13 +1
DEX: 15 +2
CON: 12 +1
INT: 18 +4
WIS: 11 +0
CHA: 14 +2

HP: 35
AC: 10 +2d +4 chain shirt = 16

BAB: 4
Melee +5
Ranged +6

Fort: +3
Ref+ +4
Will +11



Aberration type
Multitask: 1x/day, can take a standard mental action as a free action
Oracle: 1x/day +2 to attack roll, saving throw or initiative after learning i it is successful
Collective: can spend 1 PP to add +2 to any Knowledge Check
Naturally Psionic: +3 PP/day


Discipline: Egoist
Psionic Talent +2 PP/day = 9/day
Powers known: Precognition, Call to Mind, Offensive Precognition


Scribe Scroll
Dark Knowledge 3x/day: Dc 15 Knowledge (appropriate to creature) check on undead, aberrations, outsiders, elementals or magical beasts to give all allies +1 to hit. Success by 10 or more increases the bonus to +2, by 20 or more = +3.
3 0th level spells per day, 3 1st level spells
Spells known: all 0th level divine spells, Comprehend Languages, Sanctuary, Protection From Evil


Skill Memory 2x/day: full round of concentration = +2 to a skill check
Perfect Recall (double Int bonus on Knowledge checks)
Delve into Collective Memory (kina like bardic knowledge, see site)
Minor Battle Memory: Minor Battle Memory (Su): Calling upon the knowledge of the greatest warriors who have ever lived, the akashic can concentrate for 1 round. Afterward, for 1 round per class level, he gains a +3 competence bonus to attack and damage rolls, as well as a +3 dodge bonus to Armor Class. An akashic can use minor battle memory once per day.
Sneak Attack +1d6


1: Traps (Nyambe)
3: Combat Expertise
6: Improved Feint


Bluff 8 + 2c = 10
Open Lock 8 + 4i = 12
Disable Device 8 + 4i = 12
Search 9 = 4 i = 13 +2syn to find secret doors
Move Silently 8 + 2d = 10
Hide 8 + 2d = 10
Know (dungeoneering) 10 + 8i = 18
know (planes) 10 + 8i = 18
know (arcana) 10 + 8i = 18
use magic device 7 + 2c = 9
decipher script 5 + 4i = 9
know (religion) 10 + 8i = 18
know (architecture) 5 + 8i = 13
Diplomacy 4 + 2c = 6

Background to be posted later
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Synads are planar refugees from a war on some distant plane. Or perhaps they are mental parasites latching onto a human(oid) mind, then taking control. It is certain that they are more than one mind crammed into a single body. Synads will explain that there is a bit of an overcrowding problem, you see: only certain vessels on this plane can accomodate synad minds, so the synad need to pack as many refugees in as possible. The concerns of the host mind never seem to be a consideration.

Zoq, Fot and Pik were warriors in an interstellar war on some other plane, which began to go badly. Zoq, Fot and Pik were on the side of unusual fishlike beings, who claimed to come from *below* and be facing elflike creatures from *above*. Neither Zoq nor Fot understood the terminology of their aquatic allies, and Pik wasn't commenting. Thus, they fought a war without any greater explanation for why the war was happening except that the enemy was always *jumping in front*, which made them *frumple*.

So the *parties* *danced*

The fish creatures had become interested in Zoq, Fot and Pik, because one of their races were *fingers of one hand* like the fishmen, whereas all other creatures encountered are *tiny bubbles*. Once again, Zoq and Fot have no idea what this means, and Pik has no comment. Whatever this quality was, it fascinated the fish things, who kept the trio around because of it.

The elflike beings prevailed in the war, via alliances with more powerful creatures of many different species. Eventually, the fish creatures decided to abandon that plane of existence and fall back to *below*. They agreed to evacuate Zoq, Fot and Pik to another plane as reward for having been *campers*, though they could not be taken along with the fish to *below* for some indeterminate reason.

Perhaps the planar properties interfered with the astral travel, putting Zoq Fot and Pik into the brain of a human here in the World's Largest Dungeon. Or perhaps the differing mental profiles of the three different races caused the newly created synad to go astray. Or perhaps the fishmen intended the synad to appear in the World's Largest Dungeon, for whatever reason. Regardless, Zoq, Fot and Pik were implanted into the mind of a human who had been wandering through the dungeon seeking a way out. His mind is entirely suppressed, though, so they cannot learn why he was in the dungeon.

Zoq is the Overmind, who is typically in control. He is relatively serious and is the one trained in psionic use.

Fot is the more lighthearted Oracle, and talks about his favorite sport of Frungy to anyone who would listen, despite no one in this universe having heard of the sport before.

Fot is the Collective, and possibly the one that interested the fish creatures. He (she? it?) can access copious amounts of mental information in the collective unconscious, or perhaps floating around in the ideosphere, a separate mental plane. Or something. The Common tongue is ill equipped to deal with such issues. Fot rarely speaks, but it is important to listen when he? does.

So they have escaped a interplanar war, or so they hope, but they have no idea what to do from here. Getting out of the World's Largest Dungeon would probably be a good start, though.
Don't you mean Pik is the Collective?
Yes, I do. But I can't go back and edit my comment.