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Mobile Gaming Library

Okay, all...I typically haul my entire library of 3.5 WotC books with me to gaming every week, but I'm not sure that's entirely necessary. So this week, I was going to ask which specific books anyone wanted me to bring. If all of them end up being useful to someone, I'm cool with bringing them all, so don't hesitate to ask if there's one you want around. But if there are any that are extraneous, I'm just as happy leaving them at home. When we're closer to leveling up I'll bring the whole lot, of course, for purposes of getting spells, feats, and similar. Obviously, Amber, this goes as much for you as for us PCs, if you want to reference some vile spells, beef up the shadows we dispatch so readily with some undead feats, or check rules for running a a submerged cave in Stormwrack.

I will always bring the 3.5 PHB, the 3.5 Monster Manual, Oriental Adventures, and Complete Arcane, because I'm liable to reference them myself. My 3.5 DMG is on extended loan to Amber, and I know that Amber and Co. have Complete Warrior and Expanded Psionics. The rest of my collection currently includes:

  • Book of Exalted Deeds
  • Book of Vile Darkness
  • Complete Adventurer
  • Complete Divine
  • Heroes of Horror
  • Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead
  • Manual of the Planes
  • Monster Manual II
  • Planar Handbook
  • Races of the Dragon
  • Sandstorm
  • Stormwrack

I'll bring any or all of these that anyone wants to see; just let me know what you need or want to reference.

Also, FYI: I'll be gone next weekend, so if anyone wants any of my books around next week when I'm gone, let me know.
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