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Previously on the World's Largest Dungeon...

The session began with the party healing immediately after fighting off a horde of shadow mastiffs (previous session). Thereafter, the roup explored the complex the mastiffs had been using as a lair, finding a body trapped in gears (with some magic item on it, though i never heard what exactly), a room with permanent daylight, a very noisy room, some sleeping mastiffs which were quickly dispatched and a few healing fountains.

Fatigued from the earlier battle, the party decided to return north to rest up in celestial territory, stopping on the way to investigate a room with an acidic pit in it. Heading south once again, the party fought several giant spiders, which were significantly less frightening than many expected. Cade acquired a spider familiar, much to the distress of arachnophobic party members. Giant centipedes were dispatched even quicker than the giant spiders.

The party dealt with a magically trapped door just beyond the centipedes, accidentally setting off the traps. The party voyaged further south, finding a secret door, again trapped. This door was disarmed through careful examination and some logical deduction. Thereafter, we found a magical archway, which was again trapped, though in this case magically trapped to punish thos not working for the Garrison. We therefore passed through unharmed, to find a room that contained artifacts that boosted scrying power. This led to some discussion concerning scrying to find the missing Ward Staves, but it was eventually decided against, as we had a very good idea where the other staves were. Just down the hallway was the stave, as predicted.

Thus we returned north to return the stave to the celestials. Some bargaining with them and, I believe, the goblin wizard nearby, happened wherein Cade and Tenzin received some artifacts (an amulet for Cade, a small statue for Tenzin) from the celestials. The purpose of these is as yet unknown.

The only remaining thing to do in this section of the dungeon was return the final ward stave, so the party prepared for barghest hunting. A plan slowly formed, whereby the spellcasters would pile invisiblity spells on Gramman, the fastest and sneakiest party member. He would run through barghest territory to grabt he stave, while the rest of the party distracted the braghests and held the door for Gramman's escape.

Thus ensued an epic battle, wherein the party operated like a well oiled machine. Though Gramman was smelled by a passing barghest, his invisibility and good Move silently rolls kept him from being located. Meanwhile, the party stuck closely to a strict formation which worked very well. The spellcasters were surrounded by more combat ready characters, thus protecting them from direct melee attacks. Many barghests died from a Whirlwind Attacking Enlarged Morgan, and many other PCs did significant damage to lots of barghests (Tenzin did a large amount of damage thanks to a wand of inflict critical wounds). The barghests were significantly less of a challenge, as the average party level is twice what it was before, plus the party is twice the size it was when last we fought barghests, plus effective tactics and teamwork.

The question now, then, is where we go from here. This section is basically finished, plotwise, so where would we like to explore? (We could, potentially, retrieve the other stave or finish wiping out the barghests, if either course of action interests anyone.)
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