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A day in a life

Now that we've gotten all of the ward staves back into the hands of those that can use them, we desided that we should move on. Before doing so, made an attempt at opening lines of communication between the Celestials and the Inevitables. We weren't sure of how the Inevitables would treat us, since we let their "redeemed" go, so we went in under a flag of truce in the name of the garrison. We were met by their pet hobgoblin, Ackersan. We told him of our intent to meet with their acting leader, Tekarus, so he took us to him. He was not happy to see us, as we would assume but hoped the flag of truce would keep him from destroying us outright, but we expected that. We talked with him for a bit, being proper diplomats and skirting the issue until we requested we get to the point.

The point was that they were not upholding the garrison's charter to its letter by capturing wandering monsters and trying to redeem them, when in fact what I saw was brainwashing. He tried to convince us that they were in fact upholding the letter of the charter by using their redeeming process as an example of such, which did actually remove some of the opposing forces from their own goals and getting them to work for the garrison.

We requested him to come to the charter and go over it himself, he was reluctent to do so saying accusing us of wanting to get him alone to destroy him. After we assured him that we were not attempting to destroy him, which we showed a sign of good faith by offering that all but one of us stay behind while he did go over the charter. He selected Amaya to join him to the charter room, which she did go with him. After they got back to where we were waiting, Amaya told us what all happened while they were there.

Apparently, upon him touching the charter itself, some kind of shock went through his body. He made a request that she come back to us while he pondered on the matter at hand. After about half an hour, he came out to meet her in the next room, as she didn't really fancy the idea of traveling back to the group by herself. When they did get back, he told us that he realized the error of his ways. He told us that if we saw Ackersan on our way out, to tell him that he's free to go as soon as he wished and that he was to also to tell the two barghests they had the same. As I recall, the three of them thanked us before we parted ways. We asked him if he wanted us to give the Celestials a message, and told us to inform them that they'd hear from the Inevitables within the next day or two. We left to go inform the Celestials of what had just happened, which they were a little hesitant to believe until we told them of the change in the garrison tree in the Inevitables main hall. After hearing this, they were a little more receptive to the information.

With all our work here done, we desided to be on our way. We made the desision to go find the key we were in need of from some time ago. We went east of where we had our run in with the Holy Goblin Empire, where we met with a very nice aberation who was on the lookout for "shineys" as he called them, being coin.

We found a rather unsettling room again, the room where we once met and bested a handfull of evil undead paladins. We made the choice to go through the four side chambers off of it. All four of the doors were marked with magic wards that would blow up on us if we didn't disarm them first. Kozuma successfully dispelled one of the wards. When we got into the room, we found a set of magic splintmail in a hole in the floor covered by a loose stone. In the second room we found two wights, and we found a morningstar under a loose stone in the floor which had some kind of unsettling enchantments on it, which was disposed of in a burning room. In the third room we found a ghast, who tried to make a meal out of our Amaya. When it was dispatched, we searched the room and found nothing. The forth room was a bit more unsettling than the others. When we finally opened the door, which set off the ward because it was unsuccessfully disabled, we found four vargouille nailed to the wall. They were successfully dispatched at range, since there was no need to approach them. That one was by far the most unsettling room we encountered on that day.

After resting up we headed back on our way. We didn't run into our friend today, but I expect to in the future. We encountered a rather peculiar trapped room. It was rather greased all over the floor, and the walls were also rather chared as well. When Kozuma tried to prod at the floor with his staff, the trap was sprung. It realeased a burning hands spell in the direction of the door, which got him (and I'm sure he's still not happy about), but the grease-like substance on the floor was in fact oil. The whole room was set ablaze, which is the room that the nasty morningstar was tossed into. On the other side of the hallway, we found a room with two very dead individuals, one a gnoll and the other a goblin. Ryn went in to inspect the two bodies, and was subject to a rather nasty trap. The trap in question was a phantasmal killer spell. Luckily, this didn't get him. He was able to disbelieve it, so no harm was done.

After making our way through a few more rooms and halls, we ran into a member of the Holy Goblin Empire. He told us that there was some kind of undead in the area that was being a menace to the gnolls that live in the area. I'm inclined to think that if we can gain their trust by bringing them the former menace to them, they'll be more willing to help us in our goals. But then again, if we go strait to the gnolls, we can always use destroying this thing as a bargaining chip to help us get in with them. I'll need to discuss this with everyone else to see what they think would be the best course of action.

Kozuma sent this goblin back to his home, with a message that the once and new king was to let him stay there. He was apparently out this way gathering information for the doppleganger that was at one point acting as king.

I shall return to you with more of our happenings when there is more to tell.
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