guendolen_sama (guendolen_sama) wrote in wld_pitt,

Transportational Difficulties

Hey, everyone; I heard from Adam not too long ago, who said he's not sure if he'll be able to come get me for gaming tomorrow. Mom has expressed the sentiment that she doesn't want to take me over there again due to her problems following the given directions last time. :P So I'm trying to make alternate arrangements. Does anyone know of anyone who might be somewhere in the South Hills area tomorrow early evening, or even better, be there yourself? I'm willing to arrange to meet someone at a given place. If anyone can help me with transportation, I will be immensely grateful. Please leave a message here or e-mail me or whatever if you can assist. Thanks so much!

Edit: The problem has been taken care of. Thanks so much for seeing this and responding so quickly! I appreciate it no end. :)
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