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The Backup Character with no name

I figured that several backups weren't posted, and that they should be, so the GM and/or others could look them over.


3rd level Nanala Rogue (Nyambe)
3rd level Psion

STR: 15 +2
DEX: 16 +3
CON: 15 +2
INT: 18 +4
WIS: 10 +0
CHA: 8 -1

HP: 31

AC: 10 + 3d + 1sanguar + 4 chain shirt = 18
+1 dodge, +4 Mobility, +4 vs giants +1 Thicken Skin, +4 Force Screen

BAB: +3
Melee: +5
Ranged: +6

+1 vs orcs
+1 offensive precognition

Fort: +4
Ref: +7
Will +4

Feats and abilities:

Base speed 20 ft. + 10 ft Speed of Thought
Darkvision 60 ft
Stonecunning +2
Stability +4
Sneak Attack +2d6
NR2: Analyze Unliving (can sneak attack undead with d4s instead of d6s)
1: Dodge
3: Mobility
6: Spring Attack
P1: Speed of Thought
Discipline: Egoist


Bluff 8 - 1c = 7*
Decipher Script 4 + 4i = 8
Appraise 8 + 4i +2dw = 14
Move Silently 8 +3d -2a = 9
Search 8 +4i = 12**
Craft (Weapon) 9 + 4i = 13**
Craft (Armor) 8 +4i = 12**
Listen 6 + 0w = 6
Spot 6 + 0w = 6
Tumble 8 + 3d -2a = 9
Sleight of Hand 4 + 3d - 2a = 5
Concentration 9 + 2c = 11

*+10 from Conceal Thoughts = 17
**stonecunning may apply

PP/day: 17

Powers known:


Thicken Skin
Grease, Psionic
Force Screen
Conceal Thoughts
Precognition, Offensive


Concealing Amorpha
Cloud Mind

Born Tiwesdaeg Monandaegson, he was raised in a very religious and xenophobic dwarven society (worshipping Hallvard, a powerful god of Earth). Tiwesdaeg was the child of former adventurers, however, and Tiwesdaeg's parents were always frowned upon by the clan's elders. This meant that young Tiwesdaeg was picked on by his peers.

One day, one of the clan bullies tried to ambush Hroald, but Hroald had a sudden flash of insight that this was about to happen, and manifested a mental shield to protect himself. Until this point, Tiwesdaeg had never manifested powers at all, and even he didn't realize that he had psionic abilities. This surpised the bully, and in the fight, Tiwesdaeg wound up going too far and killing the bully in retaliation. Terrified at what he had done, Tiwesdaeg tried to hide his murderous deed.

The murder was quickly discovered, however, and Tiwesdaeg was put on trial. Throughout the trial, it was rumored that his dwarven blood was not pure - that his father was not Monandaeg Sunnandaegson, but some other person his mother encountered when adventuring, possibly even a Duergar, who were the clan's hated enemies. The psychic powers Hroald exhibited were seen as evidence of this, and seen as at least as bad as the murder. This turned the clan against Tiwesdaeg, and he was lucky to be merely exiled rather than executed.

Dwarves don't own their names. Their names belong to the clan, and one who has done great injustice has his name stripped of him before exile (really: look in the PH). Thus, Tiwesdaeg became a nameless being, no longer considered even a dwarf. He was exiled from dwarven lands.

He then journeyed off to distant Nyambe, and learned to survive on his own. One a remote Nyamban mountaintop, he found an enclave of mystics who taught him to harness the psionic gifts he had.

The mystics were in danger on this plane of existence from a terrifying dragon that claimed the same mountain as territory. Thus, the mystical clan decided to find a new home via astral travel. They gave the nameless dwarf a psionic item that would allow him to explore other planes of existence. Perhaps his lack of experience caused it, or the unusual planar properties of the celestial dungeon, but either way the nameless dwarf wound up in the World's Largest Dungeon rather than onto the plane of Air, as he wished. Thus, the party finds him whenever (if) he shows up.

He's just as gruff ans standoffish as any dwarf, though he is conflicted in how to deal with dwarven society. He accepts the punishment, and refuses to accept a new name, but nonetheless rejects many things associated with dwarves, particularly Hallvard. At seventh level, he'll become an elocater and Scorn the Earth itself (ie, never touch the ground).
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