mrteapot (mrteapot) wrote in wld_pitt,

Rebuilding Tenzin

I've been thinking about rebuilding Tenzin as a straight Warlock. At this point, the main things I've gotten from the Monk and Eldritch Fist levels are bonuses to AC, saves, and movement. Mainly defensive abilities, which will keep getting better as Tenzin goes up in level. But in exchange, he's down two caster levels and three actual Warlock levels. Going straight Warlock would gain him Lesser Invocations (one or two, depending on the Extra Invocation feat), an additional die of Eldritch Blast damage and some minor abilities: better DR and Fast Healing. Lesser Invocations in particular would be very nice: Tenzin's been limited by only having access to the lowest level of Invocations. I'm not sure which Lesser Invocation(s) to take yet, though something like Curse of Despair could make my involvement in combat more interesting (it requires a melee touch attack) or Voracious Dispelling could eliminate problems with magical traps. I don't mind being defensively worse off, because losing Tenzin would just mean I could introduce a new character.

Which is the other option I'm considering. With Dan's character gone, we need someone to Identify magic items. So I'm considering creating and introducing some other character, likely one who could Identify our loot. This ranges from a Hexblade which would work like a melee fighter type in combat but a caster out of it to a psionic character who could therefore do the Identifying without cost to an evil character I'm working on, though he may not work out due to alignment concerns. But might be entertaining to roleplay for exactly the same reasons. My favorite backup character can't cast spells, though, so he is unlikely to be the one I introduce.

So: Amber, is it okay to rebuild my character? Anyone else: which of these plans do you favor, or do you favor keeping it the same? Or not care?
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